Organisational roles

High level overview of roles required to organise WebCamp Zagreb.

It’s not necessarily one person per role, one person can have multiple roles, or one role can be handled by more than one person.

The Great Leader

  • planning
  • budgeting
  • coordinating other people’s efforts
  • executive decisions, solving tie breaks


  • all communication with sponsors
  • define sponsor packages
  • invite new sponsors
  • answer queries
  • negotiate contracts


  • manage the venue during the conference
  • define hall configurations and usage
  • handle arriving deliveries
  • help direct volunteers where needed
  • coordinate venue staff, technicians and recording staff


  • swag and printed goods
  • lunch
  • drinks & supplies
  • coffee & water
  • drinkup
  • breakfast

Public relations

  • writing blog articles
  • feeding social media
  • sending the newsletter
  • communication with the press


  • website design
  • swag design: t-shirts, mugs, etc.
  • posters
  • badges
  • roll-up banners
  • official slides


  • hunt for keynote speakers


  • all communication with speakers
  • speaker dinner
  • speaker accommodation
  • airport pickups

Talk selection

  • assembling the talk selection committee
  • running the call for papers
  • overseeing the talk selection process
  • putting together the conference schedule

Talk selection committee member

The committee had 8 members in 2018.

  • review talks as they are submitted to the CFP
  • rate talks individually
  • discuss with other members
  • select talks for the conference


  • running the server
  • developing the web site and related services
  • setting up and monitoring ticket sales


  • coordination with Speaker handler for accommodation, travel, dinner, etc.
  • defining venue requirements and pricing
  • organising the workshops schedule


  • running the call for volunteers
  • coordinating volunteers during the conference
  • scanning tickets on entrance
  • distributing swag

Master of ceremonies

  • opening word
  • announcing speakers


  • collecting unconference track applications
  • setting up unconference schedule
  • assisting speakers


  • organising the video team to record talks
  • organising the photogarphers
  • quality control of produced videos
  • publishing the videos and photos